Monday, March 18, 2013

[Comic penguin celeb 2012-01] [Sanjuro Yumesaki] Zutto Zutto Suki Datta

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This release is yet another story from Comic Penguin Celeb from jan. 2012. This time it's a Sanjuro Yumesaki work with the simple title of "I have always loved you". With a title like that you really can expect anything, specially if you consider we're talking about the hentai world, but just stick with the most common image that comes to your mind when you hear that title and you'll probably guess what this story is about. Yes, 100% vanilla, boy loves girl, girl loves boy, they find out and have sex. Now, I just wonder if bigger tits are so much more sensitive than smaller ones...or was the girl's reaction just because it's that guy specifically? Or maybe it's because we're talking about hentai. Well, whatever, at least the cover image for this volume has a girl wearing Cheongsam. God, how I love that!

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