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Ok, as anyone who visits this blog already knows, I use Depositfiles as my file host.
What some may not know is that they have a loyalty program in which the uploader earns u-points for each time their file is downloaded. And what are these points for? They're points that unlocks keys for gold accounts! Yes! These keys can unlock gold accounts from 2 hours up to one month! The more points you get, the more keys you unlock and for longer you can leave your account gold!

But I'm not setting up this page to ask you to download from me so I can use these keys for myself! No! 

I'm asking you to download these so I can GIVE THESE KEYS away! Yes! These keys are not attached to the account, they can be freely given away so they can be used with ANY Depositfiles account!

So, what I'm going to do here is GIVE AWAY MY KEYS!

I'll randomly update this page with one key and the first one to active it, keeps it! It'll be a first-come-first-serve basis so stay tuned!

And remember! The more my files are downloaded (from the links in this blog), the more points I get and the more keys I'll have to give away! So, go and download my files! Share my links and stay tuned for new keys!

Don't have a Depositfiles account? You can create one clicking right here!
After you've created it, go to "Loyalty" and then "U-Points" to find out the box to insert the key!

So go create your account and try to grab the keys!

As someone mentioned in the comments, you can only have one key active at a time per account so if you get a 1 month key, wait until the period expires before you try to get another one. I actually didn't know about this so thank you whoever mentioned it!

Key list:
s31xfjqrv3h2u6492gyykhvx66ak0yes  (Actives gold account for 2 weeks!) - Activated.
ptfpwx0jzqapifsyb5wyy4ecxz6namrz (Actives gold account for 2 hours! Use wisely!) - Activated
a389ivq4vr0taovkx0wr3xwet8eogdbm (Actives gold account for 24 hours!) - Activated
zb9kaj039gbsayow01ezubysiyfq5msf (Actives gold account for 1 month! HURRY!) - Activated
5k46w3dc4v5qqyunqi4yq71chcp1sfpu  (Actives gold account for 6 hours!)  - Activated
k1e3zs2rz82iag52za30pq2dkbi79rhj (Actives gold account for 2 weeks!)  - Activated
k63lvngsfjve2mbkxbc631cyooh97xbg  (Actives gold account for 2 hours!)  - Activated
hj7etafk2qzzmiqa6vunf25vqax75osa (Actives gold account for 6 hours!) - Activated
g8d06qc8duabef8krr1okxfp3l3d4c5o (Actives gold account for 1 month! HURRY!) - Activated
nif4l2ap254ke429j8v4mkhm2qvcp878  (Actives gold account for 24 hours!) - Activated
aqf1hipdgzkrujwu5hvxkhem8ne2wthd (Actives gold account for 2 weeks!) - Activated
y4pihgqmaawquvbnzbi1neoibqfrvmb3  (Actives gold account for 2 hours!) - Activated
21ebw55muzmybsacxsyhav56cdbjml9j  (Actives gold account for 24 hours!) - Activated
l808sqbcanvkspy58fccj44r4uij75og  (Actives gold account for 6 hours!) - Activated
14oc6ymb5smc2y5d7qvw0nbaz63wdrue (Actives gold account for 6 hours!)  - Activated
bazr6w7r3mcw1jhpx2ypt0wcs6okkjat  (Actives gold account for 2 hours!) - Activated
yj3aid44dqyqd68g5apmj6152t0cvlm2  (Actives gold account for 24 hours!) - Activated
61rcbwls9lwg2egromegz8olzq9lr089  (Actives gold account for 1 month! HURRY)  - Activated


  1. s31xfjqrv3h2u6492gyykhvx66ak0yes activated. THX

  2. ptfpwx0jzqapifsyb5wyy4ecxz6namrz activated. :D

  3. a389ivq4vr0taovkx0wr3xwet8eogdbm activated.

  4. zb9kaj039gbsayow01ezubysiyfq5msf activated. THX

    yay 1 month

  5. 5k46w3dc4v5qqyunqi4yq71chcp1sfpu activated. Thank You.

  6. k1e3zs2rz82iag52za30pq2dkbi79rhj activated.
    Thank you.

  7. hj7etafk2qzzmiqa6vunf25vqax75osa got it thanks

  8. g8d06qc8duabef8krr1okxfp3l3d4c5o activated THX

  9. nif4l2ap254ke429j8v4mkhm2qvcp878 activated thx

  10. aqf1hipdgzkrujwu5hvxkhem8ne2wthd activated
    thanks :)

  11. l808sqbcanvkspy58fccj44r4uij75og activated, thank you!

  12. I uhh... activated the last one.



  13. bazr6w7r3mcw1jhpx2ypt0wcs6okkjat activated
    got it~

  14. yj3aid44dqyqd68g5apmj6152t0cvlm2

    Activated! Thanks.

  15. 61rcbwls9lwg2egromegz8olzq9lr089 activated
    Thank you very much^^


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