Here's a place where you can leave your suggestion on what you think should be translated.
Do you know about an awesome doujinshi that nobody seems interested in translating? Do you know about an obscure doujinshi that will certainly receive more light if it was in English? Or even, do you have a doujinshi that you're simply dying to know what's actually going on?
Then feel free to leave it here as a translation suggestion! Afraid of suggesting something too strong? Well, check my Q&A pages to see my restrictions about genres.

Just write down as much information you have and hope I decide to pick it up! Leave the name (how it's mostly known for) and the author/artist name, at least. If you can, point out where I can download it to make my life a little easier.

But be aware that there's no guarantee I'll pick your suggestion to translate. If there're colored redraws to be done, I'll most likely ignore it. The same goes for handwritten text that is hard to decipher and some bad quality raws.

Also, here's what's on my current working on/will-probably-work-on list, so you know whether I decided to pick your suggestion or not. These are not listed in any particular order (and there's also no guarantee that I'll release the ones in this list).

- Daily RO Series

- Some Penta works
- Some random works


I'll try to update this page every week or so.


  1. Hi, I just saw you translated an NTR Mirai Nikki doujinshi, and if you're up for it I'd like to suggest these two:
    infinity18 - dragon ball NTR with android 18
    eternity18 - same author as the previous, but no NTR
    Even if you don't pick any of these, it's nice to see people translating more and more stuff for the world to enjoy. Thanks, dude.

  2. No one has made a suggestion yet... Well I guess I will make a couple.

    First off Tuna Empire, anything by Tuna Empire, but I would love to see [Tuna Empire] Houkago Dorei Club 2 Jigenme | After School Slave Club Second Lesson fully translated ( the first two were done 6 months ago). The raws are at

    I know its not a doujinshi but either is my other recommendation.

    Also I would really like to see angel yard fully translated. The first 2 chapters are translated and from what I can tell they look to be the tamer of the chapters.

    Keep up the great work and completely ignore these. Your on my favorite List.


  3. There's one thing I'd really like to see, [Sabashi Renya] Koi no Tyunyu! Chapter 3. ( first two chapters have already been translated, but the translater doesn't seem to be interested in finishing it. (the 3rd chapter is the last of the story)
    The need for editing should be pretty much non-existant, the RAWs look great and it's just cleaning bubbles.

    Oh and, just in general Sabashi Renya's works look great, (there are three complete tanks up on e-hentai) you might like them, too.

  4. i would like this ouran one
    this fairy tail one and this koihime muso one i have a bounty for

    1. I would love you forever If you translated some more Naya (Papermania)
      There are many untranslated one and translations just make them so much hotter

      This one here got 2 Volumes:

      A few Random ones:

      There also are many nice ones by Hooliganism (Especially the Record of Aldelayd)or a few by Raijinkai

  5. Firts, thanks for your translations.

    I would like if you want, this:

    I hope that you can traslate it.

  6. Loved your work for the Akiko doujin you translated recently. I was wondering if you would translate a few more of them:

  7. The world needs more works of Araki Akira in English, specially his doujinshi works (circle Shishamo House). Please give it a try. You can find his works in exhentai (most of them are loli stuff).

  8. Well, I would like to see this doujins by Triple A translated:

  9. Here are two Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai doujins by Arsenal that really deserve a translation. For the life of me, I can't even imagine why nobody has touched these two doujins given how popular both the series and Sena are. I hope u guys like them enough to give them a try yourselves.

  10. can you guys do more trap stuff please? I've been dying to seeing these get translated. thank you very much

  11. This is one of the ero manga i think you should get it translated. Especially from page 5 to page 98.

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  13. Hi,i hope you can translate this because i want to know this story so badly:
    Mashiraga Aki FORK IN THE ROAD 1

    Mashiraga Aki FORK IN THE ROAD 2

    Thanks for you concern

  14. Hi,

    I would like to suggest for translation:

    Because it seems a shame that such a delicious work of monster girl harem fun remains untranslated.


    I've seen you do the usual for LS doujins: Konata and Kagami, which I think is painfully common

    Translated Miyuki vanilla on the other hand is pretty rare.

    Both are by nice artists.

  16. Hello!

    Anything by Shinsen Gokuraku a.k.a. syuragyoku-mami would be great. Mainly known for the Jade Natalia Tales of the Abyss doujinshi, so far only one of this circle's work has been translated into English.

    If I had to choose only one, I would pick this one where it's a threesome with Guy.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion!

  17. How about Goku Laki 2?

    1. these are the only hentai doujins I couldn´t find their English translation:

      Shinnihon Pepsitou: Athena ganbaru!
      Shinnihon Pepsitou Chorodashi Mandrill R
      Pyramid House Moumoku Rape (Magic Knight Rayearth)
      Angel's stroke 14: Kuroki Sakura no Mai Chiru Yoru ni

      take them into account...

    2. you can download them in the next links (in the name´s order):

      we saw some of your works and we love them... by the way

    3. Perhaps, "SMDC" you could translate these hentai doujins. To be honest, I really want to know what a f@kc is happening in each one:

      1. [AXZ] Angel's stroke 14 Kuroki Sakura no Mai Chiru Yoru ni
      2. F-54 majutsushi shimai ryou joku - sakura yuki shou -(fate) Takushi Fukada Parapunte
      3. (C77) [Breakin' Bakery (Sakaki Utamaru, Ranmaru)] Bure Tetsu (Tekken)
      4. [Shinnihon Pepsitou] Chorodashi Mandrill R (Various)(C78)
      5. [Shinnihon Pepsitou] Onna Senshi-san ga!! Ver0.95 (Dragon Quest 3)

      All of them exist in here ( but if you want a download link, I´ll provide it to you

  18. these two from Shindo L - Da Hootch chapter 3 & 4 not translated Gundam Age doujin
    Shindol has pratically all his other works translated so I dunno if someone else is already working on these.

    anything from [Zero no Mono], he has like 10 tankobons' raws on exhentai with torrents but none are translated (1 has some chapters translated), the art style is peculiar so you might not like it, the stories also have various themes, some vanilla, some Brother*Sister, some have bondage and recently there's even NTR stuff. 2 random links:

    thank you and kudos for having a Suggestions section

  19. Hi! I thought I'd propose that you translate the works of an artist I, and many others, feel deserves more attention.

    Aogiri Penta (also known as High-Spirit) is a trap artist, most known for his H-games for Nounai Kanojo, who has sadly been neglected by translators in favor of artists like abgrund or Cannabis. Although numerous attempts have been made over at Short Wharf to get them translating (as they're the big trap/yaoi translator at the moment) we've met with limited success (just two of his works). Recently it's been made clear that our requests are low on their list of priorities. So I was hoping that you might be interested. Here are all of his H-works which are untranslated:

    The following five doujin are all based off Aogiri Penta's work with Nounai Kanojo and so are sort of connected.

    These four doujin are primarily stand-alone original works (although the last has some connections to Josou Sanmyaku in the back).

    Finally, these three original doujin form a trilogy of sorts (although the last one only features the characters from the previous two in its first half)

    ANY translation from among these would be MUCH appreciated, although if you do decide to translate either the 5 Nounai doujins or the trilogy I think starting from the first ones might be a good idea.

    Also, Penta has a strong following at this forum, so you would definitely find some appreciative folks:

    Thanks for your time,

  20. Hi, I just saw you translated an NTR Mirai Nikki doujinshi, and if you're up for it I'd like to suggest these two:

    I hope you can read this suggestion, thank you

  21. thank you for taking my request last time. If you don't mind, I'd like to request translation on this one (the world need more Hideyoshi)
    Or if you're getting tired of doing trap stuff, here are some loli bunny girl
    but once again, thank you very much for taking my request, It means a lot to me

  22. Hi, I made a WiP of but I edited it without using fonts similar to the original ones, and while I tried my best keeping to the original script, I don't know if I did a good job. Could you please take over from what I did? Here is what I managed

    1. Sorry, mediafire removed it, here is a luckyshare link

  23. Can you translate this?
    And the first part is already translated
    I see that you like this artist and I hope you can consider it.

  24. I'm suggesting a translation for this:

    It's a boss momcon piece by Ootsuka Kotora. The e-hentai link provided is in Chinese, but here's the actual raw:

    If that link dies, then filestube has many options for the entire COMIC X EROS 03: .

  25. Could you translate this please?

    It's a pretty rare kind of shota/trap/yaoi that nobody wants to do.

  26. I suggest doing another work of December-Girl.

    It seems to be a very sweet story.

  27. Hi,

    Can I request a translation of Hisahiko's (Purin Dou) segment of this Haganai anthology doujin? It's from page 40 to 63.

    Hisahiko has be one of the most underrated artists around. You'd expect more of his stuff to be translated because of how good his drawing is so let's rectify this issue.

    Thank you for your time,
    Anonymous from Indonesia

  28. Hello
    I would like it, if you can translate
    [Kudamono Monogatari (Kuroishi Ringo)] Jochikai (4picture) (18picture)
    a small yuri with toys and latex
    I can handle the clean if you want


    1. I watched most of your work and I like what you do.
      I offer you my help to clean if you want. the colors and redrawing pages are not a problem (within certain limits) =D
      so do not hesitate to ask me (

  29. Here's some old doujin I have always wanted translated but seem to be too old to be on anyone's radar;

    but I'd be overjoyed if anyone translated anything from the cyclone circle.

  30. hi... just want to suggest a the remaining untranslated chapter of MILK DOLL by NAKAYAMA Tetsugaku....

    you can find the raw here

    please consider.. thank you

  31. I've wanted to see these translated because they look interesting:

  32. Please, just everything Papermania/Naya...

  33. Hi,i'm glad to know a great bloger like u,could u help to translate doujinshi comic of ANGEWOMON on THEDOUJIN.COM with title OUTSIDE,please ! I wish that u would made it,thx

    This is just amazing. Please translate this.

    1. wow some good trap story =p

  35. Could you consider translating this ?

    Both are from the same artist, in desperate need of translations.
    Keep up the great work, you are amazing.

    this is a really good trap one it's in full color there are i think 4 more by the same artist in color and they are all great would really appreciate a translation. thanks

  37. more latex please!! (naya and 2nd skin series)

  38. can you please translate these? It's from one of my favorite artist so I would like to see them get translated
    I really love Your site, keep up the good work

  39. can you please translate theses they are all in color and involve traps.

    1. I second this, those are one of the best trap hentai out there.

  40. All the Ane Boku stories as of now if you want
    1 - 姉僕 (COMIC ペンギンクラブ 201104月號 and アネキネコ book) -
    2 - 姉僕 overture (姉弟中毒 book) - sample ->
    3 - 姉僕 after (COMIC ペンギンクラブ 2011年08月號 and 姉弟中毒 book) -
    4 - 姉僕 plus (COMIC ペンギンクラブ 2011年12月號 and 姉弟中毒 book) -
    5 - 姉僕 secret COMIC ペンギンクラブ 2012年06月號 and 姉弟中毒 book) -
    6 - 姉僕 birthday (COMIC ペンギンクラブ 2012年08月號 and 姉弟中毒 book) -

  41. Could someone please translate the story from page 39 - 59
    Thank you very much

  42. Since you're game for yuri content, might I suggest another work of Amanagi Seiji? The title is Pinky. It's divided in two chapters. First part is between two girls while the next one is a yuri threesome.

    Link 1st chap:
    Link 2nd chap:

  43. I don't think you will ever find a hotter hentai than this one

    Please do it.

    1. 3 or 4 time that one are post here

  44. Hi, first time knowing your great congratz!! the next one is an oldie... is trap related content, but it was never translated, would you mind please? You can found it inside this package in inside the package 1... please just translate the Battle Athletes Victory part, thanks!


  45. hello.
    could you translate this please? thanks


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