Monday, January 28, 2013

[2 in 1][COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2008-08] - One One Onegai Onee-san & Boku no Sentaku-ya san

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Ok, back to the moanings and cums and fuckings! This time I bring you two releases in one! First is a full colored 4 pages called "One One Onegai Onee-san", drawn by Abe Manabu. The second one is "Boku no Sentaku-ya san", by Sameda Koban. Both are vanilla with big boobs! And despite the name of the first one, it does not contain incest so if you're hoping for that, I'm sorry. Both these were released on "Comic Kairakuten BEAST from August 2008 (cover is the first picture of the post, also drawn by Manabu). Hope you enjoy! The rar contains both releases since the "One One" is quite small (again, only 4 pages).

Download: Depositfiles

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  1. inb4 CSI meme with "dream come true" comment of any kind


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