Friday, January 25, 2013

[NON-H](C77) [Jalapeno Chips, Bukiya, Yakiniku Teikoku, Nanairo Gensokyo] four (Touhou Project)

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Ok, I know here may not be the best place to make this "non-age-restricted" release, but since here's the only place I have, I'll do it anyway.
Unlike the other releases so far, this is not an 18+ release. It's a compilation of four short stories having Alice Margatroid as the main character drawn by four different artists. We got some bad-ass Alice, some ponytail Alice, cry baby Alice and a wild Alice.
IMHO, these four shorties are a nice read and worth taking your time, specially if you're a Touhou fan. Or you could take a look because of the art too. Bad-ass Alice is fucking BAD-ASS!

Download: Depositfiles

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