Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2008-08] - Troy Wooden Horse

My new blog, as you may already know is smdc-translations.com.
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Another chapter from COMIC Kairakuten BEAST! This time, the chapter is drawn by Miyakawa Hajime and it's the love relationship between a girl and her stepbrother. Since they're not blood-related, I have no idea whether this is considered incest or not but I'll tag it that way. AAAND we also have some over-knee fuck so if my tag is wrong, that will easily cover for me!

Download: Depositfiles

Other notes that may interest you:
"And what about Shimimaru's Junk Land?", you might be asking. Last week I did say to expect a new release by the end of last week or this week. I'm almost done with the redrawings and will start the translation as soon as I'm done with the remaining two pages (or so I think). When can you expect the next release? Hopefully some time this week. Hopefully...

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