Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Bareisho] Chinchin Kamokamo

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Today is the day! It's finally here! After a damn long wait! Yes! Chinchin Kamokamo is finally done! Fully translated and edited and released! Man, translating full tanks really takes some time, specially when you're not doing only that. Working on this (and also on Junk Land) made me think that I don't know if I'll translate another full tank in the near future....
Anyway, this tank is pretty much a compilation of various short stories which have, in essence, no relation to each other. Characters from one chapter may appear in another chapter and such but they're pretty much independent and they're all vanilla. If you read the first 3 chapters, you already know the pace of this.
Without further delays, I leave you with the download link!

Download: Depositfiles


  1. whew, you're awesome (>w<)v

  2. They aren't all vanilla. You're forgetting the cheating housewife.

  3. Awesome. Many thanx.

  4. Hey man, thanks. Really liked those last few chapters, was hoping for someone to translate them. Much appreciated!

  5. Congratulations on doing the full tank, thank you very much ! ^_^


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