Friday, February 22, 2013

[Shimimaru] Junk Land

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It's FINALLY HERE! Yes! You thought that yesterday's three chapter release was the big release I was planning? WRONG! The big release I bring you is this! The full tank of Shimimaru's Junk Land! This one took me a lot of time! Editing some parts were really a pain and translation too wasn't a completely smooth sail, but it's finally done! I was planning to release each chapter separately but later I decided I'd be releasing the whole book because I did some changes in the chapters I had already released (some were minor, others not that minor, but nothing that would compromise the comprehension of the story...I hope...) so I suggest you download this one and get rid of the single chapters from before. And if you're wondering, yes, I did my own translations for the chapters that were already translated. I think it's better that way because the whole book would have the same style of translation. Now, for the content. Well, it's a full tank made of 10 independent chapters so there's quite a collection of material in there. There's some vanilla, some torture, some BDSM with black-mailing, some anal, hints of lesbianism and even shota. It's hard to list all there is but I believe there's enough here to please a great variety of people! Therefore, grab this release and have fun reading it!

Download: Depositfiles

Know of any other Shimimaru's work that is not translated yet? If the raws are available, I may consider translating it!


  1. Awesome H-manga. Thanks for your work on this!

  2. Thanks for the translating the full tank. Very much appreciated.

  3. Yaay thanks for this, Shimamaru stuff makes for some mesmerizing eye candy.

  4. Thank you very much for the whole tank! You can find an original doujin by on Tokyo Toshokan Shimimaru, titled "[JUNKLAND2 (紙魚丸)] 浴室の異形(一) (オリジナル)" if you're interested.

    1. Actually, I have already translated it and posted here.

  5. That one was really good, I liked the carefree "hey, whatev : SEX !" mood, fitting the eyes of the girls :) That was quite a change from the usual hentai stuff.

    Thank you very much, SMDC :)

    Not sure if you're interested, but I tried to clean the cover from the scanning artefacts, here's a link just in case :


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