Friday, February 15, 2013

[NON-H][Ukkaridou] RitsuMio Damashi Forever - The K- N! Anthology (K-ON!) [Digital]

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Back again with Non-H Friday! Today I've brought you a K-On anthology book by Ukkaridou! This is a 5 (or 6?) short stories collection featuring, pretty much, RitsuxMio light yuri. Nothing explicit, just cute and funny (if you're a K-on fan or at least, a light yuri fan). Unfortunately, I couldn't find the books from which the stories of this compilation were taken. I don't if they were ever scanned, but this compilation is quite nice and I had fun translating it. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it!

Download: Depositfiles

And what about H-Friday? Well...maybe I'll be able to make another release before today ends so stay tuned!

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