Monday, February 4, 2013

[COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2008-08] - Ofuro no Akiyama-san

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Here we are with another release for you. This time it's another BEAST 2008-08 work, "Ofuro no Akiyama-san" done in the great art of Coelacanth. Actually this was the one story that made me download the whole BEAST volume and since I had it, I decided to give a go with some other chapters too. I'll probably translate only one more chapter from that comic, though I don't know when. Anyway, the story this time is about a girl who screams that there's a dick's ghost in her pussy while she's in her bathroom...and she lives in an apartment complex so I believe her neighbors can easily hear her screaming that....What should they think about it? Anyway, the art style is really nice, the story is kinda fun too and the sex scenes are pretty good too, IMHO, so why not have some fun right? Now, I just don't know whether I should add a "ghost" tag or not...guess I will.

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