Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(C82) [Shirudaku-ya (Tanaka Naburu)] Netori Haha

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This release is HUGE! I mean, REALLY HUGE! The raws I got for this were so damn big! The preview image is 4 times smaller, just so you know, so expect it to be big (I didn't resize this release)! So, this is a short story by Tanaka Naburu and, instead of the usual brainless gory stuff that the circle release, this one is a really nice milf story! It's pretty much about a boy and his girlfriend's mother. He's at her house for dinner, food is ready, girlfriend forgets about dinner, never shows up, alcohol is poured in and sex! Fin! A pretty interesting plot no? Well, it doesn't matter! The art is really good and since there's no gore to it, pretty much everyone can enjoy it! Unless you have something against milfs, even those who looks like a woman in their twenties. So enjoy the treat and have fun!

Download (both are the same files, you just need to download one):
Depositfiles (without https, in case the first one pops a scary message)

Update: Since there're some people complaining about the size of this release, I decided to take my time and downsize it. The image size is 4 times smaller, hopefully this can be opened fast enough for those with a PC so slow that cannot handle 4000x6000 images (I know how that sucks) and the archive is probably not so big for those who have trouble downloading such huge files (I also know how that sucks).

LQ version:
With https: Depositfiles
With http: Depositfiles


  1. Something is not right with the download, after the pushing of the download file button.

    1. Link is working fine on my end.
      Check again and, if it's still not working, than I'll see if I can tweak something here.

    2. Yeah it's working, but it gives a warning message that i want to send information or something. After i push the download button after the captcha.

    3. I just checked it and it's probably because the link is using https instead of http. There should be no problems just confirming message but I'll add a link without the http just in case.

    4. Basically it is a standard warning if you are on an https: protocol (secure sites) but then something asks for information unencrypted - it would for example mean if you were on your online banking site, or sending your credit card information then it would be a bad idea to say yes, but when you are sending across the answer to a CAPTCHA it is not a problem

  2. Holy fuck-82 Mb!
    At least give us release with reduced image quality.
    Bloating images like this makes me think you do it for depositfiles money

    1. Like I said, the raws were as big as that. There's no bloating of images, there's just no reduction, simple as that. Sure I could reduce the quality and release, or I could just leave the quality as I get them and let the readers change the quality according to their needs.

    2. These pages take forever to load and they are hard to read.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the release. I think it's fine leaving as is and whoever wants to can change it.

  4. There really isn't a reason for these images to be this big.


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