Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[Anthology Nozoite wa Ikenai 3] - 4 [Satomi Hidefumi] - Shoshi toilet de tsukamaete

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Well, guess what? This is officially the 100th release of SMDC-Translations! And look! It's a shit! Yeah, the 100th release is a scat release so if you don't like feces, skip this one.
This is one chapter from the shit anthology Nozoite wa Ikenai volume 3. It's a pretty simple story, nothing fancy, just some shitting involved. No shit eating nor shit covering or whatever they call it. The scat level is pretty low in this one (IMHO), just like the other scat release available. It shows the girl taking a dump but the dump itself is not really used for nothing directly sexual.
Story summary: There's a girl's toilet peeping-tom at school and girl decides to take a dump at school. Fin.
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  1. Thanks so much for doing another scat-hentai. Made my day!


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