Monday, April 29, 2013

(SC34) [Mouko Mouretsu Hasai Dan (Ryumage)] Chou Ninshin Pregnant A

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Super heroine time! Go Pregnant A! Go! Go! Go! Earth's fate lies on your shoulders!

Today's release is an interesting doujinshi about saving the earth from a monster! Yes, this is a hentai doujinshi so you know what to expect, right? But there's a nice twist! The monster is giant! Wohoo!

The tale goes like this: There's a giant monster and an intergalactic organization that chases and fights monster. These monsters have invaded Earth and now the organization needs to find a girl who's willing to cooperate with them to defeat these monsters. Thus begins the legend of you beloved heroine, Pregnant A!
Content wise, it's packed with some unusual fetishes. It has giantess, monster rape (obvious), pregnancy, birth giving and super heroine (spandex clothes). They just missed some robot fucking but that's ok.
Again, resized and non-resized versions available. Also, the front cover and the blank pages were originally resized so even if you download the non-resized pack, those pages will have smaller dimensions.

Download: Depositfiles
Download resized: Depositfiles


  1. I've been a fan of Ryumage ever since I saw a yummy magipoka doujin... Grooviness!

  2. Strange and funny. Many thanx guys.


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