Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[COMIC Penguin Club 2012-10 Vol.314] - 03 - [Akira Sawano] - Shiro Kuro Lovers

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Ok, ok! New day, new release! Today we have a another nice incest story! One guy and his sisters (Dejà vú!), living under the same roof when, suddenly, the two girls get sick! Oh man, what a tragedy! Well, since this is a short story from COMIC Penguin Club, I believe you're not expecting any deep story or character development and your expectations are correct! There's no way a cold would prevent sex from happening, right?
Well, to sum the story up, the twin sisters love their brother and compete to become his favorite girl. When they get sick at the same time, what will happen? Brace for some lovely incest, lesbian and threesome action!

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  1. Threesome is NOT Yuri. (=_=

    1. I never said that threesome WAS yuri, as far as I can tell...

  2. Cute and funny. Many thanx.


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