Wednesday, April 24, 2013

(C72) [TAROTS (Sawano Akira)] Lucky Ura Channel (Lucky☆Star)

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Lucky☆Star time! And the whole crew is summoned! Well, by "whole crew" I mean the usual four girls...A nice short one, nothing fancy, nothing complex, just some strange food with strange effects and some fucking action. But hey, we get to see Konata wearing tight spandex shorts and that's always nice! For some laughing, the four-panels at the end of the volumes are the best. And if you don't like dicks, stay away from this one. It's a no-guys story but has dicks in it. Guess you know what this means. If you don't, check the labels.

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  1. Cute and funny. Sawano Akira is awesome. Many thanx SMDC.

  2. "It's a no-guys story but has dicks in it"

    So is it futa instead of yuri then?


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