Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(C78) [Forever and ever... (Eisen, Kokutou Nikke, Nino Paru)] Udonge Goudoushi - Tokumori Udon (Touhou Project)

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Time to take a break from all the vanilla releases. Today I bring you a Touhou doujinshi the way they should be, without guys in them! This volume is a compilation of three stories by three different artists but all involving Undonge, our beloved big busted bunny! You can get an idea of what you'll find in each chapter by the preview but, in summary, the first one has pregnancy, milking and futanari. The second one has bondage and milking. The last one has futanari and giant robots! YAY! As always, the download link is right below so go and have some fun with this release.

Download: Depositfiles

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